Parent Resources

Pre-Twinkle & Twinkle Recordings

Pre-Twinkle / Twinkle Phases

In case you were curious!

Bow Phase

    • Soaping the Arm

    • 100 Bow Hands

    • Bow Games: Touch the Nose, Up Like a Rocket, Wheels on the Bus, Pointer Flops/Pinky Taps

    • Hiding the Tape in the Whisper Tube

      • Ready to start Violin Phase. 

    • Bow on A String: Mississippi Stop Stop

    • Bow on E String: Mississippi Stop Stop

    • Drop for E, Lift for A (Recording)

    • A String Concerto

Violin Phase

    • Swinging the Arm

    • The Curvy Spot

    • Pop Goes the Weasel (Recording)

      • Ready for Bow on the Strings.

    • Bouncing the Fingers on the Inside Corners

    • The Magic Spot

    • Sliding from the Curvy Spot to the Magic Spot

Putting it Together PHASE

    • I’m A Little Monkey w/ Wait Wait Ready Go! (Recording)

    • Drill Spot w/ Wait Wait Ready Go! (Recording)

    • Cookie Song w/ Wait Wait Ready Go! (Recording)

    • Ice Cream Song w/ Wait Wait Ready Go! (Recording)

    • I’m A Little Monkey (Recording)

    • Drill Spot (Recording)


    • 100 Twinkle Variation A’s (Recording)

    • Variation B–E (Recording)

    • 100 Twinkle Themes (Recording)

    • Congratulations, you’re ready for Book 1!

Book 1 Recordings